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Past events

21 Nov 2013 Roger Chevalier-The Art of Questioning and Performance Analysis
17 Oct 2013 Square Pegs, Round Holes and Other Cultural Issues When Successfully Implementing HPT in the Real World
19 Sep 2013 Making Sparks Fly: Getting to Deeper and Social Learning
15 Aug 2013 **Cancelled** - ISPI San Diego Annual Career Event
18 Jul 2013 Big Changes. Few Resources. No Problem.
16 May 2013 Dan Myers, Designing eLearning that Gains and Keeps Learner Attention
18 Apr 2013 Mike Hamilton, Guerilla Technique for Creating Professional-Looking Videos
02 Apr 2013 Articulate Storyline Workshop (Sponsored by San Diego ISPI and ASTD)
21 Mar 2013 Carl Czech, Performance Improvement in Afghanistan
21 Feb 2013 Accelerating Desired Change with Visual Leverage
17 Jan 2013 How to Simplify, Boil Down, and Chunk Complex e-Learning Programs
07 Dec 2012 ISPI San Diego 2012 Learning and Performance Symposium
15 Nov 2012 Not Too Formal, Not Too Informal, But Just Right
18 Oct 2012 I Need to Level Up: Gamification in Action
20 Sep 2012 Talking to C-level Executives about Performance Improvement and Change
16 Aug 2012 1 challenge: 3 Designers
19 Jul 2012 Get Your Dynamic Mobile Website Up and Running in 45 Minutes
21 Jun 2012 Everything You Wanted To Know about Learning Management Systems, but Didn’t Know What to Ask
17 May 2012 ISPI San Diego Annual Career Panel
19 Apr 2012 Using rich media in e-learning: 5 Ways to Engage Learners with Video
15 Mar 2012 Consulting with Clients for a Win/Win
16 Feb 2012 Science vs. Lore: Igniting Performance!
19 Jan 2012 Strategic Intelligence: Leadership for Change
15 Dec 2011 A Behind the Scenes Look at Instructional Design and Performance Technology at San Diego Zoo Global
17 Nov 2011 Coaching to Improve Performance: Panel Discussion
20 Oct 2011 Performance Architecture: The Art and Science of Improving Organizations
15 Sep 2011 Cognitive Task Analysis: A Human Factors Engineering Best Practice
18 Aug 2011 The Landscape of Mobile Learning: The Challenges, eLearning Strategies and Tips for Success
21 Jul 2011 Creating Better E-Learning Experiences: The Design Elements and Prototyping Strategies that are Crucial for Success
09 Jun 2011 U.S. Army Latest Research in Learning Strategies and Interactive Technologies
19 May 2011 Career Planning: Navigating Learning and Performance in Today's Changing Workplace
21 Apr 2011 Sharpening Your Performance Analysis Skills
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